Services ~ Foot Fetish
The foot is the support of the body (or of an object). It is also taken as measuring unit length and is used as metric unit in poetry and music. The foot of your Mistress is quite as essential.

You must venerate it and celebrate it as the base of the relation which binds you to Her and with Her goodwill. Nothing is too beautiful, nothing is too distinguished, nothing is too attentive when it is a question of serving his Mistress and to constitute himself the first step of Her pedestal. To learn how to appreciate the line of a mule, to venerate the camber of ankle, to mass conscientiously the exquisite plant of a exquisite foot, to pose an invaluable varnish on the nail of a delicate toe, to kiss respectfully a foot with sweet almond oil or sheathed in black nylonů No form of veneration is to be excluded, from the more intoxicating to the more harassing. To cherish and worship themů and if it is needed, to give up everything at the feet of your Mistress, this is the goal of your quest.